If you have broken a bone through osteoporosis, you are twice as likely to break another.1,2

For people with osteoporosis, even a minor bump or fall from a standing height can cause a fracture.3,4

Wrist fracture

A fracture is a complete or partial break in a bone.3

Broken bones due to osteoporosis are known as minimal trauma fractures.

Lower leg fracture

Any bone can fracture.3

The most common sites are at the spine, wrist and hip, as shown in the images above. Other fractures occur in the upper arm, forearm, ribs, lower legs and pelvis.

Spine fracture

Broken bones don’t just hurt.

They can impact your health and happiness. Broken bones take weeks and months to recover and they will affect your ability to do everyday things like going to work, shopping and playing with the grandchildren.

Did you know?

If you’ve had one minimal trauma fracture you are twice as likely to have another.5

Has someone in your family broken a bone?

Family history is important as bone strength can be inherited.3

Tony, aged 67*

Cars are my passion. Fixing them up keeps me fit and active. I was set back for months after I slipped in the driveway and broke 2 ribs. That was just the start. Now I’m working towards rebuilding my bone strength and getting myself back on track.”

* Tony is a fictitious patient

Talk to your doctor about increasing your bone strength and reducing your risk of breaking bones.

This tool has been independently created by Osteoporosis Australia and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research to assess bone health online. Complete the 5-minute assessment and take the report to your doctor for further discussion.


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